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Transitions: Life Changes

Are you going through a major change? Careers, relocations, relationships, health - when the foundations of your life change, transition coaching helps you stay focused and productive. The coaching process helps make this change work for you, not against you. Let’s talk about how you can stay balanced and increase confidence and productivity as you transition powerfully with Transition Coaching.

HighContrast Relationships

Are you drawn to the very opposite of you? High-contrast relationships can be multi-ethnic, inter-faith, cross-generational. They all have their own set of transitionary challenges. Change is ever-present. When contrasts clash, perception decides whether you see a gift or a curse. Coaching with the Ki~Line will help you communicate better, align your values, and keep your love light, steady, and growing.

Alaska Transition Coaching

Has life moved you to Alaska? And now you are here and realize, it's nothing like the rest of the U.S., or the Lower 48, as we call it? Adjusting is a challenge, but rich with opportunity. As a long-time resident and forever Alaskan at heart, I can help you transition to your new home gently. With coaching, you can adapt efficiently and enjoy this new chapter in your life as one of healing and growth.
"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart...Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."
- Carl Jung


About Ki

Curiosity and a need to balance my head and heart lead me to explore a few very unique careers. A desire for growth made me look for, and accept, new opportunities.
Transition journey to certified professional life and business coach

transition ~ a prequel. or: how i finally became a certified professional coach.

heavy is the air in the g. ross park parking lot this evening. the park is still teeming with people, mostly families gathered for picnics and barbecues. i am gentle with my lungs and my feet, walking in a restrained...

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