a heart full of joy has no room for fear

i had caught a nice trout and was wading amidst an army of pink salmon, when first a blond, then a cinnamon brown bear appeared to get lunch. they fished about 500 yards upriver from where i stood, grounded and glowing with excitement, assessing the situation and realizing i was neither mobile nor fast enough to run if the bear decided i was the better fish to catch.  i remember deciding this was too precious a moment to worry, so what the heck, enjoy and trust that intuition will signal what moves will be best, and the universe will take care of the rest.

the bear pounced a bit here and there until it finally stared directly at me, and as i slowly lowered my gaze, i knew it was time to move. it allowed me to retreat slowly, continued to fish, but did not seem impressed with what byer’s creek, a small jewel for trout and salmon along the parks highway in south central alaska, had to offer.

i pulled myself out of the stream, took my trout and two humpies, and a camera full of blurry, rainy shots of my “cinnamon girl”, and danced back through the alders to the spot where i had to ford through the creek once more, before i reverse-rappeled myself up the muddy slope to where i had parked my car.
there is truly no need for fear. it is a waste of heart space.

life happens, and it doesn’t care how we feel about it. we choose whether we are fearful, or joyful and excited during any of our life’s moments. it doesn’t change what is happening, but it does change how whatever happens will impact us.

we can choose joy.

About Ki Woyke

Curiosity and a need to balance my head and heart lead me to explore a few very unique careers. A desire for growth made me look for, and accept, new opportunities.

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