The Ki Line Approach

The Ki Line approach to coaching is all about honoring your true self and your true potential. With deep compassion for the human experience, I am committed to safeguard your most personal story, and to help you access your true power within. The Ki Line is your powerline to successful leadership, your helpline for balance in cross-cultural transition, relationships, and your hotline to increase joy and energy in all aspects of your life.

As an iPEC trained and certified coach and ICF member, I am committed to my profession’s highest ethical standards. I firmly believe that you can accomplish everything you can envision. The secret to success is commitment and perseverance to do the work, maintaining and increasing your energy during the process, and accountability – all accessible with a coach’s tools. As you coach with The Ki Line, these tools will be available to you throughout our journey and beyond.

Sometimes, this “work” means uncovering and removing blocks in your path, changing a belief that limits you, re-evaluating assumptions, or giving your inner critic a new voice.

As we explore your goals and aspirations together, you will rediscover your passions and envision the amazing life you are about to create. We will devise an action plan tailored to your unique abilities, set goals, and take the necessary steps to reach them.

Just like with a challenging hike, depending on the terrain and day form, these steps might be baby steps or giant leaps, but I will be there with you to make sure you keep moving forward. I am your accountability buddy on this trek across the glacier of dreams, this hike up the mountain of life purpose goals. As your ally, I will hand you the tools to keep moving, even when the path becomes narrow and steep.

Contact me today to learn more ~ I look forward to welcoming you to my client family at the Ki Line.


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