Ki Woyke, MA, CPC, ACC, ELI-MP

So who is Ki ?

Curiosity and a need to balance my head and heart had me explore a few unique careers. With a Master’s degree in Literature and Oriental Studies (Bayerische Julius-Maximilians University Würzburg, Germany) and a passion to learn other cultures and languages, I am always seeking multi-cultural destinations, partnerships, and learning. A desire for growth made me look for, and accept, new opportunities. I enjoyed almost a decade each working in International Relations in Europe, and teaching foreign languages in Alaska. I was a volunteer radio personality for the American Forces Network in Germany hosting a show that focused on German culture and traditions, and I had the privilege to serve as Shareholder Relations Administrator for an Alaskan Native Village Corporation.

What all positions have in common is the joy that comes from helping others realize their dreams, reach their goals, re-define themselves and connect deeply with others.

Alaska was transformative in so many ways for me: I transitioned into a semi-subsistence life-style that required a lot more self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-subsistence.

Working with Native Elders, I learned to live the values of confidentiality and honor, of being prepared and respecting the land, of never taking more than we need, and of leaving no trace, and that respecting every person regardless of their standing will open hearts and doors to berry patches and the best fishing holes in the area.

Exploring Alaska’s wilderness reframed my outlook on life, reconnected me with myself, and taught me to trust life, the universe as a benevolent force that we can access to grow and to optimize our potential.

Next, a transitioning to Toronto, Ontario. I enrolled in iPEC’s extensive professional coaching certification training that allowed for yet another multicultural experience I am profoundly grateful for. Less than two weeks after my certification, life gave me a powerful lesson in involuntary transitioning and preparedness: as Canada opened borders to tens of thousands of refugees that week,  despite NAFTA, and legal advice, I was denied entry after a weekend trip to New York, and had to start over in Buffalo/Niagara. You can find some of the narrative on my blog and my youtube channel.

With the help of outstanding coaching tools,  the above mentioned trust in the benevolence of life forces, and by experimenting with different approaches, supported by my peer coaches, I continued building The Ki Line in Western New York until at least my personal belongings had been returned to me. I made wonderful friends and gained super life lessons in the process, but always kept in mind that Western New York was a transient place – I might not return back to Alaska full-time, but I am much closer now, finally settling joyfully in the Pacific NorthWest. I continue to coach world-wide – intuition and training knows no boundaries.

I invite you to become a member of my client family. I have the heart, mind, and the tools to help you grow, unearth the lies you tell yourself about why you can’t be as great or as happy or live as abundantly, so that you, too, can live your true power, be your true self.


MA: Master of Arts, Bayer. Julius-Maximilians University Würzburg, Germany.

CPC: Certified Professional Coach, iPEC (institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching)

ACC: Accredited Certified Coach (accredited by the International Coaching Federation ICF)

E.L.I. -MP: Energy Leadership Index (Assessment) Master Practitioner

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