Coaching for Introverts

    The Ki Line is where introverts find their voice, are heard, and understood. Coaching with Ki is a journey into gratitude, understanding, self-acceptance, and growth. Show up for yourself, get beautiful results.


    Are you experiencing a major change in your life? A transition in your career, a cross-cultural move? Let’s talk about how you can stay balanced and transition joyfully with Transition Coaching.

    HighContrast Relationships

    High-contrast relationship have their own set of transitionary challenges. Is contrast draining or energizing you? The Ki~Line helps keep your love light, steady, and growing, even when contrasts clash.

    Alaska - Transition to the Last Frontier

    Has life moved you to Alaska? Adjusting is a challenge, but rich with opportunity. As someone who moved from Europe to Alaska and stayed for 15 years, I can help you transition gently. With coaching, you can adapt efficiently and enjoy this new chapter in your life as one of healing and growth.

    Energy Leadership™ Assessment

    Your business could run smoother and be more productive? What is draining energy - a system, a process, or a person? Let’s talk about how you can influence energy and increase productivity, leadership and employee satisfaction after assessing your Energy Leadership Index.

    Pricing & Packages

    I am committed to helping you achieve your goals and work through whatever blocks have been holding you back. Below, please find an overview of the prices and packages that are available. Each person's journey is different, and I will customize programs to your specific circumstances.
    "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
    - Paulo Coelho

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