Matthew C.
Finding a life coach is a difficult task, and discussing everything about your life with a stranger is an intimidating process.

Ki Woyke makes the process comfortable, informative, and above all else helpful. I would recommend Ki as a life coach to anyone looking to explore their past, present, and future, and to find the path they need to get on or need to get back on.

Ki helped me remember who I am at my core and what really matters to me. She helped me set goals and redefine goals, and she helped me find my inner peace again through exercises in breathing, envisioning the future, re-analyzing myself. Ki is always in your corner, always encouraging, and always gives you something to think about and work on between sessions. Her sessions, feedback, and suggestions are completely personalized to your needs.

If you are at all considering working with a life coach, Ki Woyke is the right person for you.
Nicole Wall
I had been stuck on a broken record for sometime. I put it out to the universe, I needed some guidance. I stumbled into Ki, at a Women's circle. I am visually impaired, so it being dark, I could not see. I heard Ki speak, and her voice made me feel safe and not alone. I had to meet her! Finding out her career as a Life Coach, I felt like this was my chance to grab my guidance. We exchanged info. After working for about 5 to 6 months. My whole mind set to life was unlocked! Ki helped me remember "who I am" and "what I am here to do!"
She helped me fund information and sent links to do my own research. She sent me texts to encourage me, and for a friendly reminder to keep it up! Ki helped me understand what my internal needs were and how to meet them. How to set goals and reach them. How to think for myself. To remind me that external energies are external. Ki did all of these things at my pace and encourage to step forward.
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Ben M.
Pittburgh, PA
Ki was the steady hand that guided me through my own personal renaissance — a transformation from neuroticism to balance, timidity to confidence. Acknowledging that everyone's journey is different, Ki met me where I was and empowered me to discover the path forward. I am eternally grateful for her help and advice during what was otherwise a very trying time.

(You can view a video with Ben here: or simply click the red youtube button on the left and choose the video "Client Success Story".
Troy Price
I have had the privilege of associating with Ki over the past several months and admire her passion in helping individuals discover and appreciate their unique gifts. Not only does Ki genuinely care about her clients but she goes the extra mile to successfully transition them into their new work environment.
I have seen the enormous benefits from Ki ‘s expertise as a life and relationship coach. Ki always provides excellent client service and does what is best for her clients in every situation. This is just one reason why she is a highly respected professional in her industry.
I would highly recommend Ki to anyone looking to improve their personal life and wanting to find greater joy and success in their career. Ki has years of training and experience in the life coaching industry and her skills in developing a customized solution for her clients is exceptional.
Thank you Ki for your amazing service!
Joseph Myers
I felt myself becoming more productive, confident, and committed to ideas as well as personal relationships over the course of four months. I learned how to achieve successful business practices and personal relationships. I shifted my perspective from external factors to internal ones and feel like I have a better understanding of how to follow my individual path to successful relationships of all kinds.
Brasília,  Brazil
My experience with Ki's coaching had an amazing effect - not only on my career plans (my main expectation from the coaching) but also on my self-awareness. The coaching sessions were crucial to my decision on the career path I should follow - in a period  when I was taken by much insecurity  and so many worries and doubts. It also provided me with powerful insights on my inner self and my emotional and mind processes, and therefore guided me towards the answers I was for so long searching for. Finally, I became visibly more confident on myself and my value, both as a person and as a professional. Ki is fantastic, I strongly recommend her!
Andreas Woyke
Pianist and Composer, Graz/Austria
After only one session I was already surprised to notice more clarity with some personal and professional life issues, which I had been facing time and again with a certain perplexity. Ki’s conscious guidance in our coaching conversation enabled me to focus on the essential, to let go of unnecessary mental distractions, and to gain clarity about my goals.

Further, the tool she gave me allows me not only to shift myself into a positive state of emotions corresponding to any situation I am finding myself in, but also to step closer to a clearer image of my goals and visions. It also enables me to consciously steer away from old negative programming and replace it with new, constructive “programs”.

She responds intuitively and with high sensitivity in her gift of listening and empathizing to what I share and describe, but at the same time she finds the perfect moment to refocus my goal, and to set aside distracting and intrusive thoughts.
Ontario, Canada
Insightful, supportive, intuitive, and thorough.

These are the qualities that I found in Ki as she coached me over 12 sessions.

Her coaching approach was non-intrusive but allowed her to inspire and move me forward to achieving my goals during a particularly rough period of my life.

I would recommend her as a truly gifted coach.
Heather H.
Seattle, WA.
Ki had a way of really cutting to the heart of the matter. She asks inquisitive questions that come at problems from angles I never would have considered. She is never judgmental and encourages you to also check your inner judge at the door and just explore topics and problems. She never allows you to remain "stuck" in a moment and has a way of propelling your thinking forward and outlining concrete action plans. It's amazing how once you can get out of an old thought pattern how quickly behavior follows. Best of all, she never strays from what is realistic and reasonable.
Mike F.
Phoenix, AZ
I tried coaching with Ki because I wanted to be accountable to someone who understood where I was in my life. I wanted assistance with figuring out what I am going to do with my life, and I wanted assistance sorting it. I wanted it from some one who had no vested interest in the situation beyond assisting me.

My expectations were met although not entirely in the manner I had anticipated. Ki was able to help steer my thoughts in directions that I hadn't considered and seemed completely obvious when I "stumbled" over them.

My biggest take-aways from the sessions with Ki are that I learned that I can do what I want… to learn to dream again and not settle. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone on a regular and continual basis, working towards my happiness and not compromise.

A major insight I have from coaching is that I am chasing a life long dream, and I now have a plan to make this dream a reality.

Mike sent an update in August 2016:
"I believe the best days of my life are in front of me and I can't stop smiling about it!! I appreciate your assistance in helping me get to this point, my life has truly changed for the better in so many ways."

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