Alaska - Transition to the Last Frontier

So all of a sudden, you are headed to Alaska! Or maybe you are already settling in, reading this with a cup of coffee in hand, surrounded by half open moving boxes that serve as chairs and tables.

Did your work require that you move to the largest and of all states in the union? Or are you finding yourself accompanying your partner who followed a professional calling to Alaska, and you are now facing the challenge of making this move work for you? When I arrived in Alaska from central Europe in 2001, I learned quickly that Alaska is very different from the other states and any other place I have visited or lived in. Alaska bears many gifts, and a chance for renewal. I can help you “get” Alaska so that nothing is lost in translation.

  • Last Frontier: Alaska is the 49th state, but its geographical and political landscape is remarkably different from the rest of the union. You will notice differences in language, way of life, and priorities that are closely connected to Alaska’s remoteness, interdependence on the natural world, and the pioneer spirit prevailing among its residents.  We will discuss what these differences are and how they can affect you, and how you can use them to your advantage. 
  • Naturally different: Alaska celebrates extremes: whether daylight or weather, big wildlife or breathtaking aurora borealis, the last frontier holds some amazing treasures in store for those who come and settle down for a while. With my Alaska specific transition coaching package, we will explore your needs and expectations and create an action plan to ensure a smooth and powerful transition to the greatest of all states. 
  • Imbalance: As with anything that is extraordinary, Alaska in all its extremes can easily throw us off balance. The coaching relationship serves to center you fully, to ground yourself in your essence, to ascertain comfort within yourself and your immediate surroundings, to assure balance and a peaceful transition.

Alaska changed my life profoundly and had a substantial impact on who I am today.  I am excited to accompany you on your way to making Alaska your new home, and to enjoy the tremendous potential this transition has for you. Our coaching relationship serves to reveal the gift this transition is for you, and all its many rewards on your way to a stronger, more confident, happier You.