Coaching for Introverts

Video: coachingforintroverts

Are you an introvert? A geek in a chic world? Is truly connecting with others a hurdle you’d rather not take, but you feel you have to?

As your coach, I am your ally on the road to understanding yourself as an introvert, and helping those around you understand you as well. I will be your thinking- and accountability-parter, and hold space for you to be you, as you are fully complete and completely enough, just the way you are.

Among the results you can expect are improved self-confidence and communication skills, professional advancement and better relationships with others. The Ki Line Coaching Services provide:

  • Personal coaching programs tailored to your unique life situation
  • Group Coaching customized to your unique business situation
  • Workshops: Personal “Branding” and Networking; Cross-cultural Transition; High-Contrast Relationships.
  • Energy Leadership Index Assessments
  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment Debriefs

The coaching process will be different for every person and each team, and it is most effective over a longer period of time. Growth, change of self-sabotaging habits, working through limiting beliefs takes time. New habits form in 66 days or longer.  Coaching has elements of archaeological digs and high-rise construction work. Get ready for an exciting adventure with a significant return on your investment in yourSELF!

For a detailed proposal, please call or email me so we can set up an informative call. We will assess your expectations and ideal outcome, and I will follow up with a proposal that fits your specific goals.