HighContrast Relationships

Examples of High-Contrast Relationships are close personal or work relationships between people of very different ethnic backgrounds, people of different faiths, or cross-generational relationships.   Mastering these differences can make or break the relationship.

  • Language ~ When the Essence gets lost in Translation: Spoken word, gestures, and general body language can mean very different things in different cultures. We might speak a common language, but reading between the lines and interpreting signals can become a minefield. Learn to communicate clearly across all channels: we explore communication blocks, uncover misconceptions, and create a new love language.
  • Values: Love is what brought you together, values are what will keep you together.  Once we grow past the honeymoon phase of our exciting and sometimes exotic relationships, we often encounter roadblocks based on what is important to us. Culturally, this can differ considerably. Spiritually, we might see our differences more clearly than what unites us. When our cross-generational partner is in a very different life phase than we are, finding common values might not be as easy as with partners who are the same age. Assessing what is important to you and your partner, individually and as a couple, will help you truly connect with one another, and build the road you continue to walk on together. The high-contrast relationship coaching package will empower you to uncover your true values and design an action plan to adhere to them as a foundation for your union. 
  • Extended Acceptance:  One of the most painful experiences in a high-contrast relationship is rejection by our or our partner’s extended family and circle of friends. How to navigate the stormy waters of rejection by other loved ones is the final pillar of the high-contrast relationships package. Explore and succeed in dealing with rejection as you strengthen your essence and comfort with yourself.

I have experience with blended families, bi-racial families and unions, single parenthood of bi-racial children, and cross-generational relationships and can help you find and maintain your essence and balance to cultivate strong, powerful, productive, and joyful relationships that thrive on contrast instead of being thwarted by it.