TRANSITION COACHING : Making Change Work for You

When life throws us a curve, we are taken by surprise. Although we know that everything changes, life is full of surprises, our initial reaction to change is rarely “yay, bring it on”, and more often “nooo! I was just getting comfortable”.

You know yourself as a self-sufficient, independent, and resourceful person. You might be a practical person with quick, hands-on solutions, or a dreamer with a big vision: there are some things we all go through when things are suddenly not what they used to be.

  • Confusion, loss of orientation
  • Loneliness
  • Alienation
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Rejection
  • Imbalance

Here is how I can help:

Following the three phases “envision”, “empower”, “succeed”,  my process will help you to bring all areas of your life back into alignment. Through internal and external work, you will

  • Turn Confusion into Clarity
  • Manage Loneliness and building a new Network
  • Turn Alienation into Advantage
  • Move from Fear to Faith
  • Meet Rejection with Confidence and turning it into Empowerment
  • Find your Balance and Joy 

Let’s take Cross-Cultural Transition as an example:


In cross-cultural transitions, these are challenges we may experience universally:

  • Confusion, loss of orientation: As we leave the familiar place, our home, our town, our friends, the air and the water we take in every day, we lose landmarks and points of orientation. We used to be able to drive the kids to school and ourselves to work on automatic pilot if needs be. We know how to get to the best grocery store for organic foods, how to get to our recreational places, the gym, the park, our places of comfort, of worship, or romance, of the best memories.  We know our doctor, optometrist, dentist, and pediatrician. We know who gives the best massages and who fixes our boots at the best price; we know where to go for late night gas and early morning coffee. We know how to get home faster during rush hour, and we know the back roads and side roads to circumvent obstacles. Starting fresh in a new city means drawing a new map of all these familiar places and roads and routines.
  • Loneliness: Whether we are introverts or extraverts, our social net of family and friends is vital to our well-being. One trusted friend or family member can make all the difference for us in any challenge. As we leave our social net behind, it is normal to experience loneliness when there is no one in the new place we are comfortable to call, share a coffee or a walk with.
  • Alienation:  As we leave our home, we leave behind our known place, oftentimes our language, the foods we are used to and love, the seasons and their fragrances.  As we enter the new country, town, or neighborhood, we might experience isolation and alienation. Everywhere we look, everything around us is new, strange, and foreign. We feel isolated from the activities around us, and estranged.
  • Fear of the unknown:  With the new environment and isolation from friends and family, fear is natural. Not knowing what to expect, not knowing what is I store for us, where to go for anything and whom to talk to about anything is a scary and frightening experience.
  • Rejection: Whether perceived or real, we may feel like the new environment and the people in it do not accept us right away. We might even feel rejected.
  • Imbalance: With confusion about our new life, alienation from our comfort zone, and the fear of the unknown, we feel a general sense of imbalance; life has thrown us off course.

As someone who went through a few major transitions myself, some of them cross-cultural, I find the challenges of change to be enriching and empowering. I can help you navigate change with a new perspective and practical tools that you can apply immediately for instant and long term results.

My eBook Seven Northern Lights: A Guide To Thrive in Transition is available on Amazon.